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Domain name – what it is and why you need it

Domain Name Registration

A Domain name is a unique word, or a couple of words, usually associated with an IP address, that represents a special place on the Internet. Your domain name brings you recognition in the biggest market place on earth - the World Wide Web.

Your possible situations

  • You need a domain name for your new website

    To create your website, you need to register a new domain name first. Choose the domain name using the domain search bar. The TLDs that we offer upon sign-up with our hosting plans and through the Control Panel are: .com .net .org .us .info

  • You have a domain name that you want to transfer and have us host it.

    You can transfer the domain registration to us and then manage it through our Web Hosting Control Panel. Successful transfer adds 1 year to the registration of the domain name. To order domain transfer, use the domain search form at the top of the page.

  • You have a domain name and need hosting

    If you have a domain name that you just need to host, click the sign-up button and choose the "Use my existing domain" option in the order form. To point your domain to our servers you will need to use the DNS settings that we send to you in the Welcome Email.