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Database Design

Database Design is the creation and implementation of a detailed data model for a relational database based on an applications requirements. Here at Compbuilding we implement a Database Design process the involves steps that ensure we follow a set of standard rules and best practices.

Compbuilding offers a variety of database design and custom application development services centered around Microsoft SQL Server databases and related database tools. Our professional database design services are implemented by experienced database engineers and designed to meet complex business needs and challenges of our customers.

Compbuilding's Database Design Services range from optimizing a SQL Server database to converting a spreadsheet or MS Access database to a Web Based Application. As well as creating a new SQL database/.NET solution from scratch. We have a unique combination of industry and business experience together with deep technical understanding to satisfy the most demanding database design and custom software development needs.

Compbuilding Database Design Features
  • Databases Implemented using SQL Server 2012
  • Database Schema design based on gathered application requirements
  • Physical Implementation of a database for a given set of requirements
  • Plan and manage indexes to optimize performance
  • Design security for SQL Server instances and databases
  • Manage server instances, databases, and SQL Server 2012 objects
  • Develop backup management
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